First Impressions

The vast majority of solo girls online like to pose in cute little outfits and act as young as possible. They are playing to the male desire for youth and beauty. They are no doubt having success. Toxxxy is a different kind of girl the instant you visit her tour that will be clear. This hot goth girl is very much into pushing the limits and creating shocking nude art. The picture where she has her panties covered in what I assume is menstrual blood over her face is pretty damn shocking. She´s fond of outrageous outfits, using bizarre props and so much more. She likes it naughty and it shows.

Hot Promises

Toxxxy promises you that her site will be far from ordinary. She assures you that you´re stepping into a world of wild and wonderful goth girl action with lots of crazy themes explored. You´ll see her in high heels, playing wet and messy, dabbling in lesbian action, doing extreme stuff, doing utterly bizarre stuff (posing with a mini-octopus is pretty bizarre) and more. The stuff she finds arousing is the stuff that most other people find really strange. The preview content all looks really high quality so it seems clear that she´s not just messing around. She´s doing this art content for real.


Toxxxy welcomes you to the member´s area with a short note and talks a little about how she loves exposing her dark side to the audience in the picture galleries and videos she presents. The latest updates can be found just below that note and she´s currently adding to the site twice a week. Mondays and Thursdays are scheduled for new content and she seems to be sticking to that. It turns out Toxxxy isn´t actually updating anymore though. They just cycle in old content as new to make it seem like you´re getting fresh sets. She´s been at roughly 55 picture galleries and 7 videos for at least half a year now. The site launched in 2006; if she was really updating twice a week you would have a whole lot more content than that.

The member´s area is nicely designed and it fits well with the vibe that Toxxxy gives off. The background is black with a pink header at the top of every page and a white table in the middle. The content pops against the white and it maintains the darkness that should accompany a girl like Toxxxy. There are 56 picture galleries and they´re listed six to a page with a little preview picture, a title and a short description of what goes down during the set.

24 thumbnails are displayed per page in the Toxxxy picture galleries and you can choose the size of the thumbnails. They provide a downloadable zip file for the collection and of course you can browse the pictures online. The full size images open in a new window (or tab, depending on your browser setup) and display at a beautiful 1500px. The photography is genuinely spectacular, as you can probably tell from the tour. Often picture sets feature dark lighting to set the mood and that ends up giving them a more artistic feel. It makes the site feel a little more high brow than the typical porn collection.

There are only 7 videos available and of course they´re not updated. Five videos are listed per page with a thumbnail preview picture and a description. You can click to stream the video in the embedded Windows Media Player or you can just download it. The clips play at 640x480 and 1000kbps. They look okay and were probably good when they were added to the site several years ago but now they´re just a little bit old.

One of the videos is right up there with the nastiest stuff I´ve seen on a porn site. Toxxxy is wearing a rubber glove and she shoves her hand down her throat and vomits on camera. The puke makes a mess and she does it a little more. Gross. The most exciting clip was a girl-girl set where she gets drunk with her friend and they spread whipped cream and chocolate sauce and other tasty stuff on each other. There´s a really kinky hot wax bondage scene where she suffers pain and makes plenty of noise about it. There´s also a rather vanilla scene where she does a sensual striptease and it too was really arousing. Toxxxy is wicked hot and understands how to seduce a man.

The photo collection offers more bang for your buck. It felt a lot like browsing an art gallery. It´s nude art to be sure but she´s miles from the typical cute girl who does a bunch of poses that are all basically the same thing but show her body from different angles. The photography is professional on a level rarely seen in solo girl porn sites and Toxxxy is a willing and wonderful model.

Most of the galleries are solo sets and in each she does something new and typically weird. See her as a bride wearing plastic wrap was arousing. Her Valentine´s Day gallery featured her posing with an actual heart (from an animal), which was a little disturbing. She cuts the heart of a teddy bear out in a rather naughty picture gallery. She puts on a strapon cock and strokes it in pictures where she´s attempting to play the part of a 70s pornstar. If you like gas mask porn she has a gallery with that going on too. These are really far from traditional porn galleries and that might disturb some folks. Obviously you need to know what you´re getting into. Toxxxy is making challenging, shocking nude art and it´s fantastic. Just know that it´s not for everyone.

There are two bonus sites free with your membership. First is Beauty and Braces. It´s mostly a picture site in the same style of Toxxxy. The pictures are highly artistic with interesting settings and use of light. All the girls wear braces, all the girls are young and all the girls are hot. Rope Rookie is a bondage art site. The girls are young, slender and sexy like you´d expect and they´re tied up beautifully. It´s not hardcore bondage so much as it´s meant to be pure artistic beauty.

Croco´s Opinion

Toxxxy has created something fairly unique in the online porn world. She expresses herself in deeply artistic and sometimes deeply disturbing ways. She has created genuinely beautiful content that goes in all directions with a baseline of disturbed beauty under everything. Her picture galleries are flawless creations of art. Her videos are brief but there´s some wonderful stuff in there too. I imagine that very few of you will be interested in what she does. If you are I suspect you´ll be pleased with the results. The biggest problem is that the site hasn´t updated in a long time and it won´t be growing much beyond 56 picture galleries and 7 videos. They shuffle in new content but eventually they start repeating themselves.


It´s easy to find everything you´re looking for at Toxxxy. You have extra control in the picture galleries because you can pick the thumbnail size. More preview pictures for the videos would have been nice.

Pricing Policy

It´s $24.95 for a one month membership and $65.95 for three months at a time.

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